earthwise: environmental crafts and activities with young children
by carol petrash

since i’m home full-time with arty, i’m always on the lookout for interesting and creative activities we can enjoy together. i love to draw, paint, sew, and craft, and i’ve always looked forward to sharing this love with my child(ren).
so when i was browsing through the playgroup library the other day, this book jumped out at me immediately.

earthwise has four sections, one for each season, and each contains a range of craft and cooking activities for pre-school and young primary children. some, such as grinding flour, and carding wool, are more ambitious. others are more simple. the aim with all of them is to encourage children to become aware of the seasonal changes in their environment, and engage as much as possible with natural materials in their craft and play.

this book offers a really good range of ideas that lend themselves very much to open-ended play, and creative expression. i’m really looking forward to getting stuck into a few new projects from the ‘spring’ chapter with arty in the coming weeks.