Welcome to EssieRuth.com! Oh my goodness I’ve been so excited to write those words!

I could not be more grateful and delighted to have you here.

This blog has changed and grown with me over the years, and you have too. Now, finally, I feel like it’s matured into what I want it to be: a place that is uniquely me, and completely dedicated to my core value: sharing.

Essie Ruth: Copywriter

Essentially a blog is a platform for sharing, and mine is a place for me to share my heart and soul with you. I’ve got three broad topics that I’m particularly passionate about, and they are:

  • EATA virtual place at my table. How to make the food that I love to share with my family and friends.
  • MAKEA look at what I’m making, and a whole lot of ideas to spark your own creativity.
  • THINKThoughts about family, creativity, and everything in between. Field notes from my life.

In addition to what you’ll find here on the blog, I’m also bounce-right-out-of-my-chair excited to be launching The Heart Journal, a weekly missive from my own little studio with a little bit of chit chat and a new art journaling prompt.

The Heart Journal

Each prompt will be especially designed to get you connecting with your inner self in your art journal. I hope it will help you fall in love with art journaling, and get you engaging with your artistic self in new and more meaningful ways.

I’ll be sharing what I create, and thoughts about my process (both practical and emotional) as we go.

If you want to be part of this very special project, make sure you sign up below! The first prompt is ready for you, and I am keen as heck to see what you make of it!

The Heart Journal

I want to say a very quick, but profoundly heartfelt thank you to my unicorn sister Caylee, who has been instrumental in pretty much every aspect of setting this joint up to look so fancy.

And I want to thank YOU, for being part of this evolving story. I’m basically the luckiest person on the whole internet for getting to share this wee corner of it with you.