we went to the market this morning, and i was very excited to find some figs. i wasn’t sure arty would be crazy about eating them whole, so i thought i’d try giving them to him in a smoothie. he loved it!

fig, banana and honey smoothie


1 frozen banana*
2 whole ripe figs
1 cup milk
2 tsp honey (or however much you want, really!)


  • place all ingredients in blender
  • whizz until smooth
  • serve immediately

this makes about one grown-up sized smoothie, or two kid-sized ones. it’s a great way to get some fresh fruit into kids who might be a little reluctant to try new things.

* i really don’t like bananas when they start to get overripe, so we peel them and put them in the freezer. sj uses them to make banana bread, or i use them frozen in smoothies like this. it makes the drink nice and thick and cold like a milkshake without having to add ice cream.