it’s been a little quiet here of late. first we had that busy time leading up to christmas and new year, and then we came away to western australia for a few weeks of summer holidaying with sj’s family.

we’re still in perth for a few more days, and while i am very much looking forward to seeing our family and friends back home, i’ll miss the relaxing holiday pace we’ve set over here, our perth family, and omg the fruit.

western australians are very proud of their locally grown produce, and with good reason. i have eaten some of the most delicious fruit in the last few weeks. at times i’ve actually gotten a little carried away, and bought more than we can really eat in one go, just because it’s looked and smelled so good. i did that with mangoes this week, and rather than let that sunny deliciousness go to waste, i’ve been making smoothies.

the word ‘smoothie’ tends to imply some sort of low-fat health drink these days, so i want to be upfront and say that if that’s what you’re looking for, this recipe is not it. it is, creamy, summery, and full of calcium and vitamins, so basically, it’s excellent.

summertime smoothie
flesh of one ripe mango
3/4 cup milk
1 small scoop vanilla ice cream
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp dessicated coconut
  • place all ingredients in a blender, and whizz until smooth. if smoothie is thicker than you’d like, alter the consistency with more milk.
suggested alternatives
  • for a not-so-sweet alternative, replace ice cream with natural yoghurt
  • pour smoothie into moulds and freeze for creamy icy poles (for other recipes for iced summer treats, have a look at the tag)

arty snarfed his in a matter of minutes, so i think i can safely say it has the toddler tick of approval. now if only there were some left for the grown-ups…