Hello, excellent ones!

I’ve got TWO video tutorials for you this week. They’re quite short, and both used for similar purposes, so it made sense to put them together.

The first video shows you how to make sweet little yellow flowers that are fantastic gap-fillers and texture-enhancers. If you’re getting a taste for making felt floral arrangements, you’re going to find them so useful. felt wrerath

I’ve made mine yellow, but they would look equally lovely in pink, cream, purple or white. That’s the best thing about making your own flowers – total control of the colour palette!

Are you ready to make some? Okay, let’s go!

felt flower tutorial – little yellow filler flowers from Essie Ruth on Vimeo.



*These colours and brands are only suggestions. You are encouraged to use what you have available, and experiment as much as you like!

That big wreath I tried to show you at the end? You can find an image of the full thing here. It’s 1.5ft in diameter, so you’ll understand why I couldn’t get the whole thing in the frame!


Now that we’re on a roll, here is how to make those very useful and very simple sprays of leaves. This video also contains a good example of what to do if you accidentally get a stray glob of hot glue on your work!

little leaf spray tutorial from Essie Ruth on Vimeo.

  • Fine florist’s wire (26 to 34 gauge), green finish.
  • Sheet of light green felt
  • Low temp glue gun (and glue)
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors (the rad left-hander-friendly scissors I use in the video are these ones, and I can’t recommend them highly enough)


If you’d like to share this tutorial, or pin it for future reference, here is a nice pinnable image: video4 and 5 fillers and leaves

Next week I’m sharing the final video in this series – the one where we put all the flowers together into a wreath! Make sure you catch up on the other tutorials before then:

You’ll want to have your flowers ready to go. See you then!