1. how willing i would be to catch someone else’s vomit in my hands. seriously – i don’t even give it a second thought before lunging out, hands cupped.
  2. how little i would be grossed out by dealing with someone else’s poo on a daily basis. i won’t say i don’t wrinkle up my nose from time to time, but on the whole, i’m just not that fazed.
  3. how all pervasive the presence of this person is in my consciousness. he’s even in all my dreams these days. no plans, however distant, are made without taking him into account. he’s my first thought in everything.
  4. how little sleep i truly can survive on. sure, i go about the day in a daze sometimes, my short term memory is practically non-existant, and i lose my phone/keys/wallet/mind about thirteen times a day, but i’m alive, and this isn’t as impossible as i worried it’d be.
  5. how willing i’d be to do stupid shit just to make him smile. it doesn’t matter if we’re in a busy cafe or crowded supermarket, i’ll do a silly dance, sing a song, try for the world gurning title – i’ll do whatever makes him crack a grin. and for a giggle i’d even do the splits.