i’m still reading as much about ttc and pregnancy as i can, and i thought i’d share another book that i’ve found really useful – taking charge of your fertility: the definitive guide to natural birth control, pregnancy achievement, and reproductive health by toni weschler.

this book is widely recommended as an essential tool for women ttc, and i think that’s with very good reason.

  • it contains a wealth of information about the female body, and our reproductive processes. it uses diagrams, charts, and clear, succinct explanations to explain the biological processes associated with reproduction and what they mean.
  • it presents a wide variety of methods for predicting and detecting ovulation, and maximizing your chances of conception, and evaluates the value of different tools such as opk tests, fertility monitors, etc.
  • it contains master charts for fertility monitoring
  • it contains lots of examples from other women’s charts to show the variability in how our fertility signs manifest.
  • it also addresses birth control, menopause, and other aspects of reproductive health, so it’s not just a book about ttc.

i would definitely recommend this book as a great resource for anyone trying to conceive, or with a general interest in reproduction and reproductive health.