A couple of weeks ago, moved by the refugee crisis in Syria, a bunch of art journallers got together to create a collaborative art journal magazine, the proceeds of which would go to the UNCHR.

mama finch get messy x unhcr 2

We decided to create artworks based around themes of hope, humanity, and courage.

The recent tragedies in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad have given this project a new meaning for all of us.

We can’t stop the grief and the tragedy, but we can continue to be hopeful, open-hearted, and generous in the face of it.

mama finch get messy x unhcr 1

If you’d like to support the UNHCR, and receive a beautifully produced compilation of artwork by a talented group of women, you can order your own copy here. Don’t just buy one, get a whole bunch and give them as Christmas gifts!

get messy x unhcr

We have all contributed our work for free, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to helping people who are living through the unimaginable.


The link again: *here*

Go. Buy. Make a difference.