I made it to June before completely filling a 12×12 album, and have now started a new one to see out the rest of the year.

A new album seemed like the perfect opportunity to switch to a different layout.

Design A was perfect for getting started with Project Life, because it’s the most commonly used, and there are lots of appropriate products and layouts to inspire a beginner. Now that I’m developing a more distinct style, and feeling more confident in my abilities, I’m ready branch out a bit.

For the rest of the year, I’ve decided to use Design K. This is mainly because I take almost all my photos in square format for Instagram, and I hate having to crop them to fit into rectangular pockets. Not only is it time consuming, it throws out the composition of the photos.

So far, I’ve done several layouts using this new format, and I’m loving it.

Here’s my title page:


I’ve used a lot of the Midnight Edition core kit in this page. I’ve decided that it’s my favourite one – it’s so versatile, with lots of neutrals and simple patterns.

Switching to Design K doesn’t mean wasting all the 6×4 cards in my stash. Here, I’ve just trimmed them down to 4×4 so they fit.


I’m a bit obsessed with gold at the moment (have you seen my summer shoes?), so this little button from Pretty Little Studio has pride of place.

Design K gets double thumbs up from me. Stand by for more layouts in the coming weeks!