Hi guys,

I feel kind of weird about writing this post. It’s never easy to ask for help, and this is no exception.

This week I have had to make some major changes to the way I’m looking at my future. After doctors visits, tests, a lot of talking, worrying, thinking, and planning, I have found myself in a place where I am reassessing what my life is going to look like for the foreseeable future.

My M.E. is kicking my arse.

If truth be told, I haven’t been properly well since I was in hospital with pulmonary embolisms early last year. It’s looking like that has triggered a serious relapse of the illness that I thought I was in remission from after having Arty.

This means a lot of changes for me.

It means I had to tell my boss that I can’t realistically work from the office any more (and deal with the heartbreak of essentially losing my dream job).

It means that I’m relying solely on freelance work and creative sponsorship to make my contributions to our family income.

It also means that I’m more passionate than ever about refining my vlogging skills, and making my chronic illness series.

The only problem is, I am often in so much pain and/or so physically weary that I’m unable to sit at a computer for the kind of time it takes to edit videos, and write good content for my freelance jobs. At the moment I am spending a good portion of each day in bed, and I hate the idea of that time being ‘wasted’. I want to make as much of that time productive as I am humanly able to do. I want to work.

So I need a laptop that will allow me to do this.


The kind of machine I need isn’t cheap, and now that we’re back to being a (mostly) one income family, it’s well outside the realms of what we can afford. So I’m reaching out to my friends, and starting a Go Fund Me campaign.

I’m hoping you’ll see it as a kind of virtual tip jar – a way to say that you like my blog, my videos, or my other creative work, and you’d like to see more of it. Be cause I really want to keep making it for you. And for me too.

You can find the campaign by clicking here. There may even be some happy mail in it for you if the campaign is successful.

Thank you, my lovely peeps! I am sending you all of the internet hugs in the world.