So, Arty started kinder this term. Cue traditional mama-wailing about her little baby growing up etc. etc.

It’s been big, but really, really great. He’s so far from being a baby these days. He’s a proper big boy, armed with a cute backpack and a very strong desire to play, learn, explore and grow.



I’m that annoying mama who likes to make home-baked snacks for lunch boxes, and for me, the natural choice for morning snack is a muesli bar. I have a great muesli bar recipe, that I posted some time ago, but it’s got almonds in it. Arty’s kinder, like most these days, has a no-nut policy, so I had to tweak it a bit in order to make it kinder-friendly.

muesli bars


||Click here for the post with the original recipe||  Basically all I did was substitute corn flakes for the flaked almonds, and because we didn’t have any chia seeds, I used sesame seeds instead.

muesli bars pre-bake

All pressed into the pan and ready to bake.


The sesame seeds make a nice change to the original, and do that yummy toasty thing that sesame seeds do when you bak them. They honey really sets off their flavour too. They make a very nice addition to an already yummy recipe.

muesli bars


When I picked Arty up after kinder today, his sandwich was untouched, his banana only half eaten, but there was no sign of the muesli bar. I think that says it all.