one of the most viewed pictures in my flickr photostream is this one, from 2008. it shows the contents of my handbag, and it’s a pretty good insight into where i was in my life at that stage – a young professional, studying part time.

rescue remedy, stress management multivitamin, uni notes, molskine notebook and sketchbook
water bottle, lipsticks, chanel mademoiselle perfume, iphone, ipod, pencil case, fountain pen, filofax
powder, plush, soft makeup brush, handmade silk glasses case, a paperback, violet flavoured lollies, pawpaw for lips, wallet.
i thought i’d do the same thing with my current handbag as an illustration of how much has changed since then.
wallet, baby neurofen, notebook with handmade cover, wet wipes for sticky fingers and faces, baby sunscreen
ray ban aviators, keys, 2b pencil, usb in shape of r2d2, tin of baby-friendly snacks (dried fruit, biscotti, etc), mascara, lip salve, bb cream, make up case by cath kidston
iphone, large custom coloured reusable keep cup, neurofen plus, baby spoon, various rattling toys.
i’ve certainly, err… “streamlined” my beauty routine, and i don’t wear perfume any more because arty doesn’t like it. audiobooks are how i read at the moment, because i don’t have as much time to sit down and get absorbed in a book. i go out walking a lot more these days, so good sunglasses, and some kind of vessel for caffiene are essential.
i still like handmade stuff. i still love apple products. i will never be the kind of person who feels ok leaving the house without something to write with and on.
i’m still me. just different.