I’m not one for overly fussy Project Life layouts, but sometimes, when you’re scrapping, you just have to embrace the sparkle.

There are a bunch of different ways to do sequin pockets, and plenty of tutorials out there. I thought I’d share mine with you because I don’t use a sewing machine or anything fancy. It’s just a little bit of good old fashioned hand sewing. sequin pockets



What you need:
  • The page protector you want to use (for this example I’m using a 4×4 WRMK one, but you can do this with any of them)
  • The bits and pieces you want to insert in the pocket
  • A needle
  • Some cotton thread (I use Gutermann because it’s strong and good quality)
  • A ruler
  • A cutting mat



What to do:
  1. Fill your pocket with the bits and pieces you’ve chosen (here, I’ve used card and some sequins, but again, you can use anything you like from wood veneer shapes to ribbon or twine). If it’s a particularly bulky, you can do this after step 3 instead.
  2. On your cutting mat, place your ruler along the top of your pocket, leaving a 1/4 inch overhang.sequin pockets 1
  3. Using your needle make little holes at 1/4 inch intervals along the top of the pocket. 
  4. Securing the end of your thread with several knots, sew a running stitch along the top of the pocket, using the little puncture hoes you made with your needle as a guide for neat and even stitches. You’ll be surprised how easily a sharp needle pierces the plastic. sequin pockets 3
  5. When you reach the end of the pocket, go back the other way.sequin pockets 4
  6. When you find yourself back where you started, tie the thread off with another couple of sturdy knots.sequin pockets 6
  7. Trim.


I’ve used this method for several projects in the past (like here, here, and here), and have always loved the results. It’s very straightforward, and the fact that it doesn’t require me to get my sewing machine out means that I’m much more likely to actually use it.

For me, this is the easiest way to add some sparkly, cheerful texture to a layout.