After doing the classic cellophane-stained-glass activity with Arty the other day, I got to thinking about other time honoured crafty projects that kids love.

The first thing that popped into my head was ink blowing. I used to love doing this as a kid. Trailing the ink around with my straw, watching it spider out in different directions, and following it on it’s strange paths felt a little bit magical.

It’s fun to do this with food dyes or other coloured inks, but I thought a fun twist for Arty would be to have a go with some unusual inks on a dark background. And it occurred to me that if we did this it would look like fireworks!


What you’ll need:
  • Black card
  • White and gold ink
  • Eye-droppers, pipettes, or some other means of dripping ink onto┬ácard
  • Straws

ink blown fireworks

What to do:
  1. Help your child load the pipette (or whatever tool you’re using to drip ink onto the card).
  2. Allow them to drip it around on the card as flamboyantly and artistically as they blown fireworks
  3. Give them a straw, and show them how to blow the ink in different directions, to make firework shapes on the blown fireworks

N.B. it only occurred to me later that it would be great to sprinkle glitter on the ink while it’s still wet to get a really great sparkly effect, and really make the fireworks sparkle. Totally doing that next time!

ink blown fireworks


What your kid’s doing:
  • Learning about the properties of different art media
  • Fundamental physics
  • Developing creativity using colour and space


Arty was genuinely delighted by the way the ink was moved around by his breath. There was something about the fact that it was being pushed along by something he couldn’t see that appealed to him so much.

Low maintenance, huge happiness. I liked this activity.