today, the high court ruled that the australian capital territory’s recent legislation for same sex marriages were unconstitutional.

i’m gutted for all the couples who got married on the weekend, and didn’t even get to have a full week as husband and husband, or wife and wife, before having their unions dissolved.

i’m deeply saddened by the australian attitude to the queer community that this decision is symptomatic of.

but mostly, i’m devastated because it was our turn.

sj and i are celebrating out tenth anniversary in april, and we were going to go to canberra and get married.

we’d booked a fantastic celebrant.

one of our dear friends sisters is making us matching rings that have now been demoted from wedding bands to anniversary gifts.

it was going to be a secret ceremony in nara park, that only our mothers and three closest friends knew about. then we were going to come home and have a big anniversary party with all our friends and family, that would have turned out to be a surprise wedding reception.

we were going to have the bouquets grown and made by my friend lindsey.

i was going to wear a blush lace tea dress.

we were finally going to have the same surname as each other. the same as our son.

… and we were going to be married

i should have something more articulate to say about this. something more analytical. more political.
but right now i’m just heartbroken, and this is all i’ve got.

still a family.