Since the beginning of 2019, I’ve been on a journey towards making my memory keeping more sustainable, and one big part of that has been moving away from pocket scrapbooking, which uses plastic page protectors.



I experimented a little last year with ring bound journaling and traveler’s notebook options, and that was fun, but after some thinking and planning I’ve decided that the format that best suits my aesthetic an my goals is junk journaling. 


In a junk journal I can be scrappy and reasonably loose with my style. I can incorporate lots of found and recycled elements, as well as the patterned papers and scrapbooking supplies I love. There’s so much potential to play and stitch and glue and tear and basically do whatever feels right. I’m so excited by the creative possibilities it holds.

I’m still very much finding my style, and looking to experienced junk journalers that I admire (like the incredible Johanna) for inspiration and ideas. I’m working towards developing a look and feel that reflects who I am and that works for me and my stories. That’s something that takes time, and lots of practice, and I’m looking forward to the process. I’m excited to share my progress in videos, and I hope you’ll see me grow as I go!