Remember that embroidery I made for my mum? Arty and I decided we needed some appropriately floral paper to wrap it in, and we thought it would be best if said paper was also handmade.

Luckily, we had everything we needed to make such a thing lying around the house.

kid-made flower print wrapping paper


Kid-made flower print wrapping paper


What you’ll need:
  • Brown paper (or butcher’s paper)
  • Two colours of poster paint (we used red and yellow)
  • Empty 1.25L soft drink bottles (one for each person)


What to do:
  1. Lay your paper flat on a nice broad surface.
  2. Place a bit of each colour of paint in separate bowls. The bowls don’t need to be huge, but they need to be big enough to accommodate the base of the bottles.
  3. Dip the bottom of the bottle into your petal-coloured paint, and press it carefully onto the paper to leave a flower shaped print. Repeat once or twice before reloading the base of your bottle with paint.kid-made flower print wrapping paper
  4. Continue making petal prints until you have put as many as you want on the paper.
  5. Now take the lid-end of your bottle, and dip it in your other colour of paint, and press it carefully into the centre of each flower. Continue until all the flowers have centres.kid-made flower print wrapping paper
  6. Hang somewhere to dry, then use to wrap a special present.
What your kid’s learning:
  • Basic printmaking skills
  • Colour blending
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Developing creativity using colour, shape, and space


kid-made flower print wrapping paper


We had the best time doing this together. We took it in turns being in charge of flowers and centres. We moved around a lot while we worked, walking around the table to get to different parts of the paper. We got all crazy and splodgy towards the end, and giggled a lot.


kid made flower print wrapping paper


I think this paper’s worthy of the present.