Arty is just all about craft at the moment. He loves getting the paints out and making messes. He’s always glueing things together, putting glitter on stuff, and messing around with stickers. Whenever we come across an empty box or jar, he holds it aloft and declares “this looks good for making something” before stashing it in his overflowing art trolley.

He’s just like me in this way and I love it.

Christmas is very close, so we’re doing some seasonal craft to get into the spirit. I don’t generally enjoy Christmas that much, but I can get enthusiastic for Arty’s sake, and craft is a good way in for me.

Today, we made a cute little forest of christmas trees to adorn a less-than-festive shelf.

Here’s how we did it:

mama finch christmas forest 03

What you’ll need:
  • 3 toilet rolls
  • plain white cardboard
  • scissors
  • green paint (we used three different shades of green)
  • paint brushes
  • PVA glue
  • sequins


What to do:
  1. Cut each of your toilet rolls in two pieces. I did ours in unequal parts to create tree trunks of varying heights.
  2. Cut a 1 inch vertical slit on opposite sides of one end of each piece of toilet roll. Set the toilet rolls aside.
  3. Cut tree shapes from your white card. You can do whatever variations on this you like, as long as the base of each tree is at least a couple of centimetres wider than the diameter of your toilet rolls. (NB: I like to do cutting out of pieces like this before sitting down with Arty to commence the task, because waiting for me to cut them out is a bit boring for him.)
  4. Paint your trees with green paint. We used different greens and different kinds of brushstrokes to achieve a variety of textures and looks. Some were shaggy and messy, others smooth and straight. We talked about the different effects we were achieving as we painted.mama finch christmas forest 01
  5. Allow the paint to dry.
  6. Using PVA glue, decorate trees with colourful sequins.
  7. Allow glue to dry.
  8. Slip the base of each tree into the notches on a toilet roll so that they stand up independently.
  9. Arrange your trees where they can be admired.


This activity is so easy that even the craftily challenged can give it a go. And it’s one of those lovely projects where the¬†effort to result ratio is really good.

Of course you could get carried away with all kinds of decorations Рstitching onto the tree with twine, using glitter, stickers, sparkly pipe cleaners, or any number of other prettinesses, but the sequins are a solid choice that will give you very festive trees.