I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately.

It’s partly because it’s that time of year, partly because of everything I learned in Caylee’s rad ‘Level Up’ course, and partly because my life is changing shape again as Arty grows and spends more time at kinder.

I am getting a little more time to do things that aren’t about full time parenting, but not so much that I feel I can squander a second of it. So the other day I sat down and had a think about what I want to do in 2016. What I want to achieve, what I want to invest my time in, and where I want to be when 2017 rolls around.

In thinking about this, I’ve had to consider my own relationship with the goal setting process, which has been a really valuable thing to do. In the course of the last few months I’ve learned that I am the kind of person to whom goals feel a lot like contracts. They’re promises I make to myself, and once made, they have to be fulfilled. If I fail to live up to a goal, I don’t just say “oh well, it was just an idea,” I feel despondent, and very frustrated with myself.

In this knowledge, I have to be very careful about the kind of goals I set for myself. They have to challenge me, but they also have to be achievable, or I run the risk of letting myself down too much, and ending up in a big funk of self loathing and defeat.

With this in mind, I have thought on my plans for 2016, and set the following goals which I fully intend to achieve:

mama finch plans for 2016




  1. Make two art journal pages per week: This will be good for my soul, good for my skills, and good fun. And being on the Get Messy creative team is all the motivation I need to really get into it!
  2. Document our lives by means of Project Life: I don’t want to be too prescriptive about exactly how I do this (size, frequency, etc.), but I’m going to maintain it as a habit, because it’s important to me, and a gift that I want to continue to give to my family.
  3. Participate in One Little Word: This project was so valuable for me in 2015, and I’ve chosen a word that I think will help me with my goals in 2016.
  4. Freelance: Undertake enough creative copywriting, making, and teaching work to earn some money, but not so much that it overtakes other projects.
  5. Finish my novel: This is the big one. I’ve made myself a road map for how I want to achieve it, and I’m going for it with everything I have. I have promised myself that I will have a completed manuscript by the end of the year. Current me is determined, and future me believes in her. Past me thinks I’m crazy, but I do my best not to listen to her, the spoil sport.


2016 is going to be a good year. Bring it.