If you follow me on the socials (which you should, I’m a delight* on both Instagram and Twitter), you’ll probably be all over the fact that I have recently opened an Etsy shop. Whee and yay and woo hoo!

Mama Finch Crafts is stocked with floral wreaths and pretty garlands, every last detail of which have been meticulously handmade by yours truly.

roisin wreath by mama finch

So if you’ve been following along with my tutorials and thought “I really like those, but I just don’t have the time to make my own”, you can still have some everlasting floral prettiness in your home. Just head on over and browse for he one you like best.

meadhbh wreath by mama finch

I even do custom orders, so if you want a specific combination of colours or flower types, or you want to ask for something a little different (a bouquet, perhaps?), you’ll find a “request a custom order” button on the lefthand sidebar of the shop and we can talk about getting you exactly what you want.

siobhan wreath by mama finch

So head on over and have a browse – I know you’ll find plenty to love.


*may not actually be that delightful.