Do you have a particular shop that you just know will always be full of clothes you love? Whatever the season, whatever your mood, you know you can wander in and find at least five things that you adore, and absolutely need immediately?

It turns out that there’s a kid version of that shop, and it’s Love it, love it, love it.

Almost all of Arty’s most favourite items of clothing have come from Ruth‘s lovingly curated, and deliciously colourful collection of kidswear. Form tiny onesies, to rad big-boy hoodies, she’s had him well dressed since he was a wee’un.

arty models love it gear at mama finch 2


What I love most about Love it, love it, love it is the gender neutrality of the range. Even though it’s 2015 and we really should be quite beyond all that blue-for-a-boy, pink-for-a-girl crap, it’s still pervasive enough for shopping at Love it to be a noticeably refreshing experience. There’s no boys’ section, or girls’ section, there’re just a whole lot of awesome clothes that kids can like for what they are.

The last few times I’ve ordered, Arty has actively and enthusiastically weighed in on the selection process, which tells you a lot about the kid-friendliness of the range too. This isn’t just a shop full of stuff grown ups will think is cute, it’s bursting with what kids actually want to wear themselves.

arty models love it gear at mama finch 1


To complete the wishlist, everything in the store is great quality, and ethically produced. My kid’s worn this gear through a very grubby, artsy, play-in-the-garden-y babyhood and toddlerhood, and it’s always outlasted the cheaper stuff I pick up at chain stores. Which means, not only does it look better, it kind of just is better.


So now that you know how great it is, would you like to win a gift voucher for some of this awesome gear for one of your favourite kids?

Of course you would!



I’ve got a £50 Love it, love it, love it gift voucher to give away to one lucky winner, and I’m giving you THREE chances to win it.

  1. On Instagram, by liking and tagging friends on the competition post,
  2. Via Facebook by liking Mama Finch’s page and sharing the competition post,
  3. Here on the blog, by commenting. A bonus entry will be given to commenters who include a link to their favourite item in the Love it, love it, love it range in their comment.

How good is that?

The competition ends at 8pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time, on Wednesday the 7th of October, 2015.


One last piece of bonus cuteness! Here’s Arty wearing a carrot shirt from Love it love it love it that is SO excellently and convincingly carroty, that he is genuinely concerned about being eaten by a guinea pig: *click*.




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