Are you a fan of The Great British Bake Off?

We’re obsessed with it in our house.

We love everything about it from the delicious recipes, to Mel & Sue’s pun-filled hosting, to the judges’ advice and baking wisdom. It’s a reality show unlike any other, and whenever a new season starts we get all giddy with excitement.

This week was cake week on the new season, and the contestants made drizzle cakes. The classic is, of course, a lemon drizzle, but the contestants all did their own takes on that idea, and they got me thinking about what I’d bake for that challenge. I landed on a mandarin drizzle, and decided to have a go at making it.

Photo 28-08-2016, 3 11 32 PM

The result was a fragrant, light, succulent little cake that was both delicious and SO easy to make. Here’s how I did it:


I think these would be suuuuuper delicious with whipped yoghurt, or a dollop of cream, but they are also amazing just by themselves.

I think next time I make them I might try infusing a little cardamom in the drizzle mixture, just for something different.

Photo 28-08-2016, 3 10 32 PM

What kind of drizzle cake would you make if you were a Bake Off contestant?