arty and i attend music class once a week, and one of his favourite activities there is shaking the shakers in time with the songs.
shakers are a great way for even quite little babies to engage with music, because they’re easy to grip in small hands, and don’t require a great deal of dexterity or coordination to operate.
so, when sj brought home a couple of kinder surprises from the supermarket the other day, i knew exactly what to do with the eggs inside…

musical shakers
what you’ll need:
plastic eggs, like those found inside a kinder surprise
seeds and grains of varying size (eg barley, lentil, sesame, poppy, sunflower)
washi tape (you can just use sticky tape, but washi makes them prettier)
what to do:
  • open the eggs, and place a small amount of a different type of seed inside each one. don’t be tempted to overfill them – the seeds need room to rattle around inside
  • close egg, and seal with washi tape
  • put some music on, dance like dorks around your living room, and shake your shakers in time to the beat
arty was so keen to play with these that he was trying to prise them pout of my hands even before i was finished applying the tape to them.
they’re a big hit!