I’ve been participating in Ali Edwards’ One Little Word project for some years now, and always found that having a word to focus my planning, goal setting, and actions around to be incredibly helpful. If I spend some time at the beginning of the year selecting a word that resonates with me, I find it proves to be a powerful touchstone to keep me grounded as the year progresses.


As I set out on the second half of my Masters degree, I’m conscious of the fact that this year is going to be intense. I honestly have no idea how I survived first year, and second year is going to be just as challenging. With this in mind, I want to do my best to set myself up for success with One Little Word, because it’s something I really value and want to see through.


So what I’ve done is made myself somewhere to do the work. I’ve made this little tag book in advance because I’m in a place right now where I have the time, and when I’m up to my neck in assignments during semester and I can’t give myself the time to play with paper and lace, I will give myself the time to think and reflect and engage with the prompts, because that’s what I am going to really need.


I created a process video, with a little chat about my word and why I chose it. It’s a long one so you might want to grab a cuppa before you hit the go button!