I’ve been pretty sick lately. In and out of hospital, spending a lot of time in bed. This has meant that a lot of my regular creative projects have been sidelined. I’m simply not able to spend that much time in my studio.

But One Little Word has been the exception. And it’s been so for a couple of reasons.

The first is that most of the ‘work’ that goes into it is thought. I ponder the prompts and come up with responses to them, and I’m able to do that in all this quiet, inactive time I currently find myself with. Once I’ve done that thinking, the actual process of putting the pages together is very simple and quick.

The second is that it’s just really important to me that I come back to it every month. I need to keep doing it because I can feel it doing me good.


This month the prompt was about reflecting on what the current chapter in our lives is about.

For me, it’s about change.

I am kind of hyper aware of change right now because Arty starts school next year, and this marks a pretty big turning point for all of us. He’s going to grow and change so much in this new environment, and I feel like these next few months are my last with my ‘baby’. I, in turn, will be freed up from full time parenting duties, and can take on more work outside the home.

The shape of our lives is shifting, our routines are going to be so different, and while I feel like we’re ready, I am also very conscious of what’s ending.


It’s good, and it’s right, and it deserves to be recognised as it happens. My One Little Word is a good format in which to record all that. It’s time to focus on what’s beautiful and precious in the present, and on shaping a positive and productive future.