I’m feeling an immense sense of satisfaction with myself for having undertaken and stuck to this year long-project. There have been times when it’s not felt all that fun, but I’ve had an underlying conviction of it’s value, which I can see with real clarity at this end of the process.

My word, ‘try’, has been an excellent companion for me this year. I’ve needed the quiet reminder to keep going, through a lot of hard personal stuff. I’ve been spurred on by it to try new things that have turned out to brilliant for me.

This word has encouraged me to say yes to things. It’s also helped me carefully evaluate where I place my energy and my effort. I’ve learned more about what I have to give, and where I’m willing to give it.

mama finch one little word dec 15 00

mama finch one little word dec 15 00a

mama finch one little word dec 15 01

mama finch one little word dec 15 03

I’ve learned, I’ve created, and I’ve grown, which is all I ask form any project I undertake.

I am definitely going to do One Little Word again in 2016, and I have a word that I’m sitting with and pondering as I wait for the new year to begin.