I started last year feeling vulnerable and fragile. I’d been wrung out and drained by some awful experiences, and I needed a word that would nurture me through the rebuilding process. ‘Try’ was perfect, because it gently spurred me on to be braver, get better, and slowly build myself up.

A lot of last year was about getting myself together. I went to therapy regularly, and did some hard work on getting my head together (this is an ongoing process for me, and one that I’m committed to long term). I was diagnosed with Bipolar II, and began treatment for that, and am now finding a new level. I began to do more and more writing work, both as a copywriter, and in other creative areas, and I started to feel that I have a new identity that reaches beyond (yet is still very much inclusive of) motherhood.

I shed a lot of badness.

I embraced a lot of goodness.

And now I’m ready to really build on that work. I’ve set my sights on some worthy goals, and I have chosen a word that I think will be an equally good companion in 2016 as ‘try’ was in 2015.

My word is ‘focus’.

mama finch olw january 2016 01


I was excited to get into the prompts this month and really start unpacking this new word and getting to know it. As is often the case, my enthusiasm let to genuine engagement with the process, which led to really positive results.

mama finch olw january 2016 02



mama finch olw january 2016 03a


mama finch olw january 2016 04

I’m going to follow Ali’s lead and keep my album pretty simple – I like a lot of black and white, but I’m also going to have bright yellow and gold play a role in lifting the whole thing.

I’m focussed and ready for the year ahead – sweet ’16!