October’s prompts were about giving and celebrating.

Life gave me the opportunity to give love and time to a very sick friend last month, which was very sad, but it was a chance to show this precious person how much I love her. That’s the only upside to sickness, I think – the way it helps friends and family bond through looking after each other.

My gift to myself was allowing myself the freedom to explore art journalling, which, as you’ll probably already have read, is something I’m just getting so much out of, and feeling so nourished by.

Reasons to celebrate were reasonably thin on the ground in October, but SJ and I had a really lovely night out seeing Laura Marling, and we took the chance to celebrate the fact that we have each other and that we are really very lucky humans indeed.

mama finch one little word oct 2015 1


mama finch one little word oct 2015 2


I’m already starting to think about what my word for 2016 will be. Some ideas are forming, and they’re making me excited!


Ooh, and this is only tangentially related, but I’m guest instagramming over at @essieruth.comgetmessyartjournal this week, so head over and check out that account if that’s your bag.