I’ve been such a SWOT with One Little Word this year. Every time a new prompt has come up I’ve pounced on it, and if I haven’t completed it immediately, I’ve certainly started planning it in my head straight away.

September was different.

September’s prompt was to write a letter to yourself. And… that was actually really challenging for me.

I spend a lot of time not really liking myself very much, and who goes to the trouble of penning a hand-written letter to someone they think is a bit shit?

In the end I tricked myself into doing it by using my favourite cardstock (that watercolour floral print is happiness to me), and some cool notepaper.

mama finch one little word september 2015 2

I ended up with something along the lines of “Hey, Essie. I see that you’re trying to be a bit less shit. Keep it up.” Which is better than nothing, and kinder than it could have been. And for today, enough.

mama finch one little word september 2015 1