this evening s and i attended our first prenatal class.
we’re not going to a lot of these because most of them tend to be focussed on labour and vaginal birth, so they’re not really relevant to us (i feel like hospitals should run specific prenatal classes for women planning caesarians – but i think that might be a rant for another day).
this particular class was about the days immediately following the birth, and the basics of caring for the baby. we were given information on a range of things including:

  • what to bring to the hospital for yourselves and for the baby
  • some of the essential items you might need to obtain for the baby
  • what will happen during the hospital stay
  • how to make sure your baby sleeps safely
  • ways of settling a baby
  • breastfeeding
  • swaddling, bathing, and nappy changing
  • communicating and bonding with newborns

we both found it really informative, and relevant, which was great.

i was worried that the class would focus on recovery from vaginal birth, to the exclusion of caesarians, but the midwife running it was careful to include information about both where there were important differences.
we were the only visibly queer couple in the room, which was unsurprising, but the midwife seemed to make a point of saying ‘partners’ instead of ‘dads’ which we noticed and appreciated.
there were heaps of handouts and take-home fliers with information that we’ll read over and process in our own time. the best one is definitely this:

i hear this motherhood thing is really glamorous, you guys!

all in all, it was a really positive experience, and it’s made us more excited for fruiby’s arrival!