Okay, I’m going to become everything I hate, and indulge in some smug-mama posing for just a minute. I do this in the full knowledge that the karmic consequence of this will be that the thing I am about to brag about will stop happening immediately.


My four year old still naps.

Yep. He sleeps during the day, and it’s amazing.

our favourite lullabyes

I generally curl up with him and nap too, which is wonderful, because it means that I can stay up later in the evening and work, without wanting to die of exhaustion the next day.

I love this. I never want it to stop. Though, like I said, I expect it will now that I’ve bragged about it.

One of the things that is central to our napping process is a playlist of pretty music, and I thought I’d share it with you in the hope that your little ones might enjoy it too.

These aren’t cheesy roackabye-baby songs, they’re just gentle folk tunes that help to lull both of us off. I hope you like them.


Sweet dreams x