I love my papercraft. Few things make me feel happier or more content than playing with pretty paper, scissors, stickers, washi…

And recently, Arty has shown a distinct interest in joining in. He’ll ask me at least once a day, “Mama, can we do some craft?”, while already unloading glitter, scissors, stickers and paper from his art trolley onto his table.

I’ve been pretty clear with him about being free to use his own craft supplies whenever he wants, and keeping his wee mitts off mine (though mine are distinctly sparkly, and very tempting), and he’s generally very good at respecting the difference, but stamps hold a special mystique that he finds very difficult to resist.

The main reason for this is his current obsession with letters and numbers. He’s getting more and more confident with recognising them, and knowing their individual sounds, and he’s also starting to write letters, which is filling me with pride and joy.

All of this gave me an idea for an easy and fun papercraft project that we could totally do together, using some of Mama’s super cool and special Alpha Nut stamps from Kellie Stamps.

Kellie and I are giving you a chance to WIN your own set of these awesome limited edition stamps, so read on to find out how!

kellie stamps giveaway and card making project at mama finch 7

Personalised kid-made cards

What you’ll need:
  • A set of alpha stamps (we used Kellie Stamps Alpha Nut, but you could use any of a huge range on the market, or even make your own using foam letters!)
  • Stamping ink
  • Scissors
  • An A4 sheet of coloured cardboard
  • A small piece of card in a contrasting colour (we used white because I had some handy offcuts from my own current scrapbooking project)
  • A felt pen
  • Double sided tape, or glue.

kellie stamps giveaway and card making project at mama finch 1


What to do:
  1. Fold your coloured cardboard in half to make the base of your card.
  2. Help your child find the right letters to spell the name of their card’s recipient. kellie stamps giveaway and card making project at mama finch 5
  3. Arrange the letters into the recipient’s name. If you’re a stamp-happy papercrafter, you will probably already own an acrylic block for this purpose, but if you’re not, they will readily adhere to the back of a plastic ruler, or even a plastic storage container lid.kellie stamps giveaway and card making project at mama finch 2
  4. Help your child load the stamp with ink, then print onto the front of their card. A whole lot of randomly placed stamping looks great for this project.
  5. Now take your felt pen and smaller piece of card, and ask your child to copy the letters they have just been stamping, and write out the name themselves. kellie stamps giveaway and card making project at mama finch 6
  6. Stick the handwritten name in the centre of the stamped card, and voila! Your kid has made a personalised card for someone they love.


I love that this project makes Arty feel super responsible and proud for being allowed to play with grown up craft supplies, and that it gives me a vehicle show off how awesome his newly developed writing skills are.

Arty loved searching for each letter hiding among the rest of the alphabet, and it was great visual scanning practise for him (any parent who has asked their child to find their shoes will know that this scanning is a skill they really need to practise – Arty will declare that he “can’t find them anywhere“, when they’re literally directly in front of him).

It also gave us a chance to talk about letters, sound them out, and organise them into words, which is always really good practice.

kellie stamps giveaway and card making project at mama finch 4


So, here’s the extra exciting bit! That amazingly talented, generous, and all-around tops gal Kellie has got a set of the Alpha Nut stamps to give away to one lucky Mama Finch reader. And I’m giving you TWO ways to win!

  1. Leave a comment below, telling me who you and your little one would make a personalised card for and why.
  2. Follow me, and Kellie on Instagram, and leave a comment on the competition post over there.

You can enter once on each platform. The competition is open to entries from anywhere in the world. It will close at 7am Australian Eastern Standard time on Saturday the 29th of August. The winner will be announced both on Instagram and here on the blog.

What are you waiting for? Get on it, and good luck!



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