Hello, my dearie dears!

If you’ve been around my blog or YouTube channel for a while, chances are you’ve seen me use a Pocket Page Notebook.

They’re the brainchild of the completely lovely Michelle, from The Stamp Spot, and they are SO COOL because they’re Traveler’s Notebook sized, but in among the paper pages are plastic pockets like you would use in pocket scrapping.

This opens up so many options for layering and embellishing that you just don’t get with a standard Traveler’s Notebook.

My friends Caylee, Dee and I are obsessed with them, and we all love Michelle so much that we wanted to do a little YouTube hop to show her how ace we think she is, and how much we love ourĀ Pocket Page Notebooks.

Here’s what I made:

I used my pocket to include a whole lot of sequins to complement the colours in the layout.

I have no idea what my face thinks it’s doing in that photo. I am ridiculous.

Those little puffy coffee cups are one of my favourite embellishments in the history of ever, and this layout was perfect for them.

Here’s the video:

I used: Pocket Page Notebook from The Stamp Spot || coffee stickers from Freckled Fawn || epoxy and puffy stickers from Felicity Jane || ‘Lovely Words‘ stickers from Pretty Little Studoio || Tiny Attacher with gold staples || Fuse Tool


You can find Caylee’s video here, and Dee’s here.


And finally, Michelle has a special discount code which will give you $10 off any order of one or more Pocket Page notebooks. The code is PPNYT. Note that there is a limit of one use per customer.

How amazing is that?

See you soon! xxx