i’m having so much fun with project life.
i love messing about with paper, and photos, and washi tape.
i love that it’s the kind of craft that you can do in short bursts, and don’t have to spend large chunks of time paying close attention to – that makes it so much more manageable for me.

it’s been a few weeks, so i’ve got several layouts to show you, and i will say that there are things i love about each of them, but lost of things that i’m not thrilled with. that’s the best thing about a new craft – everything you learn about colour, texture, pattern, and design through trial, error and play.

so, here are my latest layouts, with a bit of reflection on the success each one.

october 21 – 27, 2013
love: the photo of arty and his oddmother, the pink/black/white colour combination, incorporating the butterflies that arty and i painted together.
don’t love: the black and white stripes are too stark, i used a pen with too fine a tip and the text is too light.
october 28 – november 3, 2013
love: the way the colours complement each other, the way the game cards my friend jerry made me fit perfectly in a 3×4 pocket, the feather accent from pretty little studio
don’t love: the sticker in the bottom right corner.
november 4 – 10
love: the way the colours work together
don’t love: pretty much everything else… it’s just a little bit too plain, or something? i don’t know.
november 11 – 17
love: the bright colours, the inclusion of the ticket from the theatre, the photos from the farm, the pocket full of all my birthday cards.
don’t love: the title card (i’m planning to redo it)