Arty’s first day of kinder was a very big deal for us. He’s never been in day care, so this was the first time we were handing him over to the care of people who weren’t friends or family.

It was emotional for all involved, but so much more so for his mothers. He handled it magnificently, and allayed our anxieties by showing us that he was completely ready for this big step.

first day of kinder into the unknown


Obviously, because I’m me, I took a metric buttload of photos. There were way more than I could reasonably fit into the weekly 12×12 spread, so an insert was definitely in order. I also thought it’d be nice to include some other details about the day – the kinds of little things we might not remember in years to come.

first day of kinder insert front


I listed what he packed in his bag, what he brought to eat, and the things he did. I also recorded the name of his kinder, the class he’s in, and his teachers (which I’ve blurred out here for obvious reasons).

first day of kinder insert back



first day of kinder


I used: Becky Higgins Design J page protector | Gold tag card from Becky Higgins golden themed cards | Becky Higgins 3×4 white cards | Prints from Printstagram


Milestone: achieved. Memories: stored.