As I’ve confessed before, I’m a huge fan of D&D.

My friends and I have two different games running at the moment. In one I play a powerful knight, who wears full plate armour and is really good at killing stuff. In the other I’m the owner of a Victorian Tea shop, who likes to arrange flowers on lace table cloths.

A little while ago, my friend Kate was telling me that she likes that I play both of these characters, because they each represent a different facet of my own nature.

When I thought about it, I realised she’s completely right. I’m a big contradiction of a person.

I’m all femme and into tea and pretty things, but I also love getting dirty in the garden, and smashing things up at boxing.

I’m generally friendly and affectionate, but if someone I love needs defending, I set my phasers to kill.

I kind of like this about myself. I like being able to switch between paradigms, and reinvent them as it suits me.


This little layout is kind of exemplary of my tendency towards contradiction. A scrapbook page about a new tattoo.

A traditionally conservative craft, used to record something a little bit different.


new tattoo

The full double page spread

new tattoo l

Left side: This is my 9th tattoo, so I used this bold wood veneer number 9 from The Freckled Fawn as a feature


new tattoo r

Right side – I’m really enjoying making little notes and annotations with my typewriter at the moment. 


new tattoo detail

My fellow nerds will recognise that part of this tattoo is an homage to D&D. The purple jewel is an icosahedron, or a D20, the dice we most commonly use in our game.