and tango makes three
written by justin richardson & peter parnell
illustrated by henry cole

at central park zoo, two male penguins called roy and silo fall in love. they build a nest like all the other penguins, but they do not have an egg to put in it (n.b. this is where i burst into tears at every single reading).

the zookeeper notices this, finds an egg that needs to be cared for, and gives it to roy and silo. they tend it carefully, and before long they have a little chick called tango (because it takes two to make a tango), who they raise and love, just like all the other penguin parents.

the best thing about this story is that it’s true.

this story doesn’t push itself as an overt parable or analogy. it’s a simple relation of events, with very little moralizing.
the illustrations are pleasingly expressive, and the tale is a heart-warming one.
it’s a favourite at our place.