it’s so important to us to show arty that there are all kinds of families. we want him to see families like ours represented in the stories he reads, and that there are a whole range of other family structures that are as functional, normal, and special as his own.
with this in mind, we’ve gone out of our way to try and find picture books that represent this diversity. i thought i’d do a series of blog posts, and share some of these books, and what we think of them.

mommy, mama, and me
written by leslea newman
illustrated by carol thompson
we received this book as a gift from a friend, and as you may be able to see from the picture, it is very well loved (read: chewed).
it’s a sweet little story, told from the point of view of a toddler, listing the things that they do with their mothers every day. it has bright, bold pictures, depicting a happy family doing normal things like visiting the park, cooking, reading a story, and having a bath.
it has a simple rhyming structure, and is a quick read, making it suitable for very young babies with shorter attention spans.
one thing i particularly like about it, is that the child telling the story isn’t gendered in any way. it makes it that much easier for the child reading to project themselves into the story.
i also like that the parents are not stereotyped. they’re just normal women, spending time with each other and their child.
this book is very accessible and welcoming in it’s simplicity. i’d say it deserves a place on any toddler’s bookshelf, particularly if they have two mothers of their own.
for families with two daddies, leslea newman has also written ‘daddy, papa and me’ (also illustrated by carol thompson).