Auuuugh! I hate pantry moths so much. Vile little things, fluttering around, getting into everything, and ruining it.

There is nothing that makes my skin crawl more than opening a jar from the pantry and finding it’s contents squirming with the little bastards. I’m shuddering just thinking about it.

The front line of my defence against these beasts is a botanical one, and it goes like this:


1. Collect some fresh bay leaves and rosemary sprigs (we have these growing in our garden, but they’re easily obtainable from markets).

pantry moth repellent


2. Divide these into mixed bunches.

pantry moth repellent


3. Tie them up with twine.

pantry moth repellent


4. Hang them in your pantry.

pantry moth repellent


Refresh them every few months as they dry out – it’s those lovely resinous, volatile oils that those moths really hate.

Go get ’em.



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