our bags are packed and ready to go.

this is fruiby’s bag (which is special, and you can read about it here).
it contains:

  • 6 onesies (mostly 000, with one 0000 just in case)
  • 6 singlets
  • 1 tee shirt and pair of pants (not because they’re necessary, just because we love the outfit)
  • 6 wraps (5 muslin, 1 cotton)
  • 1 hand knitted blanket
  • 3 pairs of booties 
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 3 pairs of don’t-scratch-your-face-off-you-silly-baby mittens
  • 3 little hats
  • 2 hand-knitted cardigans
  • 4 burp-cloths
  • toiletries for his first baths (the hospital provides these, but we wanted to bring our own organic ones)
my bag contains:
  • two pairs of loose fitting lounge pants
  • two pairs of loose fitting pj bottoms
  • 6 nursing tops (singlets and tee shirts)
  • 3 cardigans to wear over nursing singlets
  • 1 nightie
  • slippers for shuffling around the ward in
  • 6 pairs of enormous nanna undies (the kind that won’t cut into my caesarian wound)
  • 1 packet of disposable breast pads (i have reusable cloth ones for when we get home, but this isn’t practical in hospital)
  • 3 packets maternity pads (again, i’ll go back to cloth when we get home)
  • 4 maternity bras
  • toiletries
  • boomerang pillow for nursing
  • eye-mask for potential day-naps (if fruiby lets us!)
  • my own pillow and quilt for comfort
  • cameras
  • laptop (the hospital has wireless, and i’ll want to check in with the internet when i feel up to it)
i’m feeling calm. i am excited, but not in an ansty, bouncy way, just in a positive, happy way. 
i’m not feeling worried or frightened at all. 
i feel confident in the skill and experience of the doctors and nurses who will be looking after us, and i feel comforted by the fact that i understand what is going to happen to my body. 
more than anything i feel so very ready to meet this little boy!