autumn’s here, and sj has her first cold of the season, so this morning i made her up a mug of ‘special drink’. i make this whenever we have cold-like symptoms and it rarely fails to comfort and soothe.

special drink


1 tsp dried chamomile flowers*
1 tsp dried calendula petals*
1 tsp peppermint* (dry or fresh)
1 tsp dried lemon balm (aka ‘melissa’) leaves
1 tsp honey
juice of one lemon
3-6 thin slivers of fresh ginger (optional


  • place all ingredients in a teapot, and pour boiling water over the top, as you would when making a cup of tea
  • allow to infuse for at least 5 minutes, then sip slowly

all the herbs in this infusion have medicinal qualities:

  • chamomile helps to relax sore muscles, and is thought to have anti-viral properties.
  • calendula helps to fight infection, and calm inflammation. it is also high in antioxidants.
  • peppermint is calming to the stomach, and helps work against any upset tummies brought on by mucus or medication.
  • lemon balm is a member of the mint family, and has similar properties to peppermint, but it is also very calming and relaxing. some studies have shown that it can reduce the severity and duration of cold sores, which often accompany other viruses.

the lemon and honey, are there for throat soothing, and germ fighting purposes, and they also make the whole thing taste nice.
i hope i won’t have to make too many mugs of this through autumn and winter, but i’ll make sure we’re stocked up on the ingredients just in case.

* i grow and dry my own, but these can all be obtained from any good health food store. try to get organic if you can!

disclaimer in case of silly gits: i am not a doctor or qualified health practitioner, and take no responsibility for the consequences if you try this yourself. this post is intended only as a way of sharing personal experience, and should not replace qualified medical advice.