painting with a paintbrush is marvellous fun, but sometimes it’s interesting to try something different.
the other day, we had a go at doing spotty painting with cotton buds.

at first, arty was a little frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t use them to flamboyantly smear paint all over the paper, the way he’s used to doing, but he came around to the dabbing motion, and enjoyed it in the end.

we sang the “put a spot over here” song as we played, which made it more fun still.

we even did some spotty painting with the paintbrush to see how the same motion with different tools produced different effects

(full disclosure: the above photo is my painting. i’m showing it off because i like it 🙂 )

this activity should be helpful for improving fine motor control, and simply for gaining an appreciation of different ways to work with paint.