for the last couple of weeks, arty’s been working very hard on sprouting some teeth. he’s had the brightest of red rosy cheeks, has been intent on chewing absolutely anything he can get his hands on, and in the last few days has also developed a snotty nose, a mild cough, and vomited a few times (i think because of the coughing causing a gagging response).

we’ve been able to see little tooth buds under his gums for ages, and today the first one broke te surface! it was on the bottom right at the front. i think the one on the left will be hard on it’s heels (though if this process has taught us anything, it’s that teeth are unpredictable, and turn up in their own time).
he’s handled this so well so far. there have been times when he’s been a little restless, clingy, and out of sorts, but on the whole he’s still been his cheerful little self in spite of the pain.
i’m so proud of him.