s and i have had a few discussions about the idea of godparents since we got pregnant. 

we won’t be christening or baptizing fruiby, because we’re atheists, and we intend to raise our kid/s in a non-religious environment (at least until they’re old enough to make their own rational and informed choices about their beliefs). so the traditional role of the godparent – i.e. person responsible for spiritual guidance etc. – doesn’t really apply.

but we really like the idea of fruiby having people in their life who are extra-specially invested in their happiness and wellbeing. another pair of grown ups who are present, and involved in their life, and their development. we want them to have other adults to turn to when their own parents don’t have all the answers, and we want them to feel supported and valued by these people.

we have a bunch of friends, and family too, who would fill this role unofficially anyway, but we liked the idea of singling out a couple of friends who’s special responsibility this would be. friends who we know will be amazing role models for our kid, who have similar values and ideals to our own, and who are already involved in our everyday lives.

we knew who we wanted to ask, but they needed a title other than ‘godparents’.

s and i were coming up with no useful alternatives (s was quite pleased with her suggestion of ‘the A team’, but i vetoed that!), so i asked my twitter friends to make suggestions. the best one actually came from one of the people we wanted to fill that role – that suggestion? oddparents! it’s perfect! fruiby will be their oddchild, and they will all be odd together. we love it.

we’ve asked those friends if they’d accept the role (appropriately enough for the four of us, we did so over sunday-night-curry, and before a viewing of ‘return of the king’). they said they would, so fruiby is all oddparented-up – hooray!