Hello, my lovelies!

If you’ve found your way here from Karen’s blog, an extra warm and sparkly welcome to you!

If you’ve been reading this wee blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a passionate art journler, and that that passion was sparked by the uniquely amazing Get Messy community. I’m now a member of their creative team, and today we’re celebrating the talent and diversity of that team and the community it represents with a blog hop!

Get messy is an extraordinary collection of artists, all gathered together to encourage each other to create. If you’d like to see me talk about what the community means to me, and about art journaling more broadly, this video goes a long way to summing up my feelings:


I’ve made friends, found inspiration, learned new techniques and skills, and generally grown as an artist because of my involvement at Get Messy.

Here are just a few of my favourite art journal pages made during my time in the community:





Now here is the completely excellent and amazing news! We’re celebrating this hop by giving away one annual membership to Get Messy. This prize is valued at US$100 (though if you ask me, it’s priceless). To enter, just leave a comment on the blogs in the hop. The more blog comments you leave, the higher your chance of winning! Winner will be announced on Saturday.

Follow along the hop by going over to Emily’s blog to see what she’s got to say about Get Messy, and for your next chance to win the free year-long membership! Ooh, and Emily’s instagram is full to bursting with amazing, inspirational art. You should TOTALLY follow her there too!

Happy hopping!