Last week we had the pleasure of inviting the incredibly talented and good hearted Lisa White into our home, and our bedroom, to take a family portrait for the “In Bed Project”.


Of her project, Lisa says:

Frustrated by Australia’s stance on Marriage Equality and inspired by John and Yoko’s ‘Bed-In’ protest, I decided to have a Marriage Equality Bed-In. I called it “In bed with the Unwed – Bed-In” Naturally, it was abbreviated to: The In Bed Project.

It is a simple plan…

In the context of the bed, I photograph singles, couples, families and all who support Marriage Equality. The photos are then posted to this blog to create one awesome photographic petition!

Like any petition, the more signatures / portraits we have, the stronger our voice.

…It’s not only about raising awareness of our rights to equality and breaking down prejudices, it’s also a historical record, a snapshot of this time.

Arty loved hamming it up for Lisa, who was incredibly patient with us, and took a portrait we just adore. He preened and pranced while she got set up, trying on different hats, and experimenting with different poses. Ain’t nobody can say kids with two mums lack self esteem.

in bed project behind the scenes

We feel incredibly privileged to be part of this historical record, and this protest.

If you’d like to show your support for the project, or just browse through a gorgeous portfolio of photography you can do so here.