it’s so easy to get stressed out about long term projects.

i don’t know anyone whose life is so predictable and structured that they can reliably stay on top of all their responsibilities and hobbies.

the quantity of ‘free’ time we have ebbs and flows like everything else in life. and that’s ok.

when i took up project life, i decided that i would do my best to stay reasonably up to date, but not to beat myself up about falling behind. it’s supposed to be fun after all. it’s supposed to be relaxing, and restorative to spend time going over pretty photos, playing with lovely paper, and recording thoughts and memories. if it becomes a chore and a drain, it loses a large part of it’s value.

the last few months have been really busy at our place, and my project life albums have indeed been one of the first things to get put on the back burner. my last completed spread is a week in march.

but do you know what that means?
when i do get time, i get to sit down and do a whole bunch all at once! that’s brilliant! i can put on some music, spread out on the dining table, and really get on a roll. i can immerse myself in all the whole lovely, tactile, colourful process, and really restore that little creative corner of my soul.

that’s not something to feel stressed about. that’s something to be excited about.