• maternity clothes only go up to AU size 14-16. because how would a plus-size woman get pregnant? it’s not like anyone would sleep with her – gross!
  • prams are only secondarily used for baby-transportation. they are mainly employed as people-ploughs (though it IS  funny when 20 or 30 entitled women try this all at once and cause epic pram-jams).
  • for every genuinely useful product produced for babies, there are at least twenty ridiculous ones.
  • according to the people who make baby clothes, girls like pink, and boys like blue. exclusively.
  • there is no way to present a foot/hand cast of your baby in a way that isn’t creepy (ok, i knew that one already, but a whole display of tiny baby appendages reaching out for me definitely brought the point home).
  • the main tool that retailers use to sell products to mothers (fathers and other parents aren’t really considered significant) is fear. fear that your kid won’t get into the right school, won’t speak a second language by 3 years of age, fear that you’ll choke/suffocate/drop them, fear that they’ll get sick, fear that they won’t sleep… and they all agree that the best way to assuage that fear is to buy stuff.
it was an interesting experience, and we did actually buy a couple of things (a couple more cloth nappies, some organic baby bath products, a blankie) but s and i think we can probably give these things a miss in future.