I tried to keep my list of indispensable herbs to just three, but it was impossible. I am an incorrigible bloody flower child and there’s no reasoning with me.

So here are three more of my favourite, most useful herbs:

herbs grp2



1. Rosemary

This one earns its place in the garden by virtue of being wonderful culinary herb, but it’s also there to protect the other plants. I have rosemary growing in both the front and back gardens because it’s a natural snail, and slug repellant.

Rosemary also has an ancient reputation for being good for the memory. I always used to keep a sprig on my desk when I was studying, and to this day associate it’s astringent, soapy fragrance with the novels I studied in English Literature, and labelled diagrams of the brain.


2. Thyme

Delicious with roast chicken, or in a lemony risotto, this herb is very useful in the kitchen, but the reason I grow my own is medicinal.

When we have colds, and our throats are raw and tender, I pick a generous bunch of thyme, crush it roughly in my hands to release the oils, then add it to a bowl of boiling water. We then inhale the steam and it’s incredibly soothing.

I find this so much more effective than sugary lozenges, which only offer very short lived relief, and leave my mouth feeling claggy and gross.


3. Mint

Mint is my go-to for any kind of nausea or stomach upset.

It’s a carminative, helping to reduce gassiness. It’s also antispasmodic, so it combats cramping. It’s cooling, and refreshing, which can make it a relief to sip if you’ve been vomiting.

It’s also an essential ingredient in mojitos. So it stays forever.




Ok, I’m done now. I swear.

Next week: something other than herbs.



Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor qualified to give medical advice. I’m just sharing what has worked for my family. Please do not use this information as a substitute for professional medical advice.