this photo of s and i was taken at her brother’s wedding in april 2011. we didn’t know it, but a couple of weeks later, fruiby was conceived, and our lives would begin to change forever.

we’ve had the best part of eight years as ‘just us’, and it’s been brilliant. we’ve been each other’s everything, and that has been so good for us. and now it’s time for each of us to be everything to a new life, and i feel like we’re ready for that (as we’ll ever be!).

i feel a sense of calm elation at the idea of meeting my son, being his mama, and caring for him in every way that he needs me to. a big part of that feeling of readiness is the knowledge that i’m going into it with the most wonderful woman i know. my best friend. my partner (in the truest sense).

she is going to be the best mother. she is so tender-hearted, he will always know that she undertands when is is hurting or sad. she is so intelligent, he will be raised with mindfulness and wisdom. she is so funny, she will teach him to laugh at us, the world, and himself.

we will set him the best example we can for being a good and loving person, by loving each other more than ever, and loving him too.